Are Blue Light Glasses helpful for Digital Device Users or its just a Hype?

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August 5, 2020

We cannot deny the fact that Digital eye strain and blue light exposure is increasing due to the ever-growing screen time of Digital Device Users. But the question here is if the Blue light glasses are worthy for the Digital Device Users or not.

Well, the company does claim to stop a headache, eliminate eye strain, and help us to sleep better. But this claim is not proven because there has not been much research on Blue Light glasses since Blue Light Glasses are newer products. In fact, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, Digital Device users don’t need any special kind of Blue light eyewear. The academy also says that the problem due to Digital Device is because of overusing and how we use it.

In contrast to this, there are some professionals who believe in Blue light glasses and it’s benefits. They even prescribe blue light glasses to those patients who spend more than 6 hours on the computer and inquires with the patient about how it works. And according to their patients, blue light glasses do help, they are able to the worker for longer hours, without a Headache or other problems.

What is Blue Light glass?

Blue Light Glasses are those glasses that help us to reduce exposure to Blue Light waves which might keep us awake at night. Blue light comes from the Digital Devices especially in dark and some led lights. In fact, any visible light gives blue light waves. So blue light glasses have a filter on its lens to absorb or block blue light and sometimes UV Ray’s as well. Blue Light glasses also keep us from staying wake and eye strain.

How is blue light affecting us?

According to the data provided even on an average, Digital marketers tend to spend 1,700 hours annually on a digital device and it is obviously affecting our eyes and health in various aspects. In fact, this blue light has been linked to so many of the issues from sleeping issues, digital eye strain to making us blind.

Based on research it is said that after the sun goes down, our body starts to produce Melatonin and this hormone is responsible for making us sleep. And before artificial light, we were much exposed to sunlight which regulated our sleeping habit. But these days these blue light waves affect our sleeping habit by keeping us alert all the time.

So do I need a Blue light glass?

Let us make this clear, we don’t wear glass only for vision problems. We might as we wear it for headaches or eye strain. And the decision for getting blue light glasses entirely depends on how many hours we need to use our digital device, how much we use after dark, and If we are having a problem falling asleep.

But still, we would rather suggest investing time in some eye exercise. such as 20-20-20 which means looking at something which is 20 feet away and for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. This is expected to relax our eye muscles and help us deal with some eye problems. Then if we still feel the need we can get Blue light glasses.

Digital marketing Nepal can help you to some extent on this. We can take care of all your digital marketing needs and save your hours and also eyes by creating and analyzing campaigns for you. We understand the importance of your business and your eyes. Maybe a few hours a day away from digital devices will definitely help you to relieve stress and spend more time with your family and other priorities. Contact us today and our expert will get back to you.

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