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Digital Marketing Company in Nepal is a research-based agency. We work with data and facts. No guesswork here. We have insight behind every next step we take.

How Can we Help?

Do you own a  business and want to grow it? You’re in the right place. Digital Marketing Nepal is one of the Top Digital Marketing agencies in Nepal. We deliver to your unique needs and requirements. We have a team of passionate individuals who cares about your business growth.

Our team is all set to take you a step further towards your goals. Our marketing team uses facts and data, creativity, experience, and a well-equipped online tool. We provide complete coverage for your needs by offering end to end solutions. Join our hands, and let us help connect dots for you.

Our Services

01 SEO

Get your business aligned with all new SEO updates and trends in online marketing. We provide a timely review of our work and customize our campaign looking at the result to achieve untapped keywords.  Our team strives to follow the best digital strategies to promote your website in search engines. We anticipate targeted audience emotions to the strategy to achieve your goal. We make sure the brand persona is taken care of during the execution of the marketing campaign.

02 SMM

Social media helps to make your brand stronger. We always focus on finding the right social media platform to put your business front. Our design team discovers ideas and produces unique creative that is the best fit for social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We communicate your brand values in every marketing campaign. This makes your brand presence more substantial in the online world.

03 Google Ads

Google Ads success depends on developing the right ad groups with good ad copies and campaigns. We do not just create the campaign but also engineer the process with experiments and AB testing. Building and reviewing strategies for achieving maximum returns of investment for your business is our priority. Transparency is what we believe. We communicate campaign results with ROI and data and facts to cultivate a more decisive campaign now and then. 

04 Web Design

Website is the representation of your business in the digital world. Its design should communicate your brand personality, brand values, and pain points your business solves. Our expert team would not only work on the plan you want but suggest changes if it feels necessary during the process of web design and development. We will do a complete review and alterations until you get the website you dreamt of that follows your brand guidelines will be in your hand. 

We help you with

Marketing effectiveness & Precise Targeting


Drive Revenue Through Personalization

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Increased Market Efficiency

Increased Customer Retention

Why Choose Digital Marketing Nepal?

digitally captivated

Digitally Captivated

Our team is fascinated and has an enormous passion for the digital world. We live technology and understand how to use it better to enhance productivity for your business.

Result Oriented

Result Oriented

We use an organized audit approach, planning, and analysis—the perfect digital marketing strategies to reach your goal.  Our team follows appreciable engagement and traffic on a digital frame.


team work

Team Work

We can work in any chaotic situation with teamwork and coordination. We flawlessly deliver the required result with better communication and assigning the right task to the right candidate.


data driven


Our decisions depend on data as we are not fond of guesswork. We love to work with facts. We use it to gain more insights, know your consumers’ preferences, tastes, behaviors, and habits to improve profits.


Very professional and client oriented. Digital Marketing Nepal helped my startup give a head start before it was even launched. They have a great marketing knowledge and know what they are doing. Overall, very satisfied.

Digital marketing nepal team is wonderful to work with. They were consistent and very helpful to design my new website. I'm so happy they made my new career started. Thank you Ashok and his team. My best wishes!!

What makes us Different?

Digital marketing Nepal is a 360-degree digital marketing agency in Nepal. The results that we provide are the heart of everything we do.

We will provide access to excellent tools, software, and analytical data for gaining access to the latest technology.

Being the best Digital Marketing Company in Nepal, we offer some of the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media marketing, google ads, and web page design services in a cost effective way.

We will assist you by focusing on your business priorities and your core area of importance.

As a leading agency, we provide useful, valuable, genuine, and unbiased advice for improving your profits. We ensure your business excels.

Our team focuses on strategy development and growth of your business. We know which of the practices are proven to deliver impressive results time and again.

Our client's goal becomes ours. We consider ourselves an extension of our clients' business.

We don't compromise our creative execution to take your business to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is popularly known as online marketing. It promotes the brands through a digital platform like a search engine, websites, social media, etc., to connect with targeted customers. Various kinds of ads campaigns are launched on the digital platform to reach targeted customers. 

Why is digital marketing important for my business?

  • It helps to take the brand to the right audience. 
  • It is an affordable means of marketing. 
  • You can reach a global audience through digital marketing. 
  • Results can be accessed immediately, carrying various experiments and then defining the right marketing strategy becomes more manageable. 
  • Your competitors are doing it, and you should do it.  

Why do I need an online marketing agency for my business?

Because they are experts and watching trends and updates in digital marketing, they know many things regarding marketing. They can build the right marketing strategy for achieving your business goals. It would help for the growth and success of your business. 


How much does hiring a digital marketing company in Nepal cost?

Come work with us; we will evaluate your business positions at the current moment and then estimate the cost you need to do at the moment. Other agency charges start from Rs 10000 to Rs 150000 for digital marketing in Nepal.

Which is the best digital marketing agency in Nepal?

DMN is one of the best digital marketing agencies in Nepal. We are proactive and make sure the client comes first. We advise for the best interest of our client. We believe we can only grow if the client grows.

What are various ways to do digital marketing?

There are mainly two ways to do digital marketing, i.e., paid marketing and organic marketing. In paid marketing, you pay and run ads on various platforms. They are known as social media boosting, google ads, email marketing, influencer marketing. Such marketing provides immediate results. Organic marketing involves the natural way of marketing. You will be making changes in your online profiles like webpages and social media pages to reach your targeted customers organically. They provide you results in the long run.