Web Development Company in Nepal

We start with white sheet prototype to ensure personalization.

Web Development Company in Nepal

Along with the development of technology in Nepal, a website’s importance is increasing like never before. More and more people are spending most of their time on the internet. It increases the importance of web design companies in Nepal.

The webpage is used to represent the company in the virtual world and reach potential clients. That is why the website should give the physical feel of the company to the audience. So going to an ordinary designer to build your company webpage is the most foolish thing.

Don’t worry, because Digital marketing Nepal is the most professional website designer and development agency in Nepal. We provide the most affordable webpage design services in Nepal that would fulfill your requirements. 

Let’s build something amazing together?

Our Services as a Web Designer and Developer in Nepal

Our expert designers are in business since 2010.

We update ourselves with the trend. All the webpages we build will outstand the competition.

All the webpage are search engine optimized. It helps in the ranking of the websites.

The website created is regularly monitored to avoid various dysfunction.

Your website can be a useful tool for online marketing if you give us the right to handle it in the long run.

Process For Developing the Web in Digital Marketing Nepal

Goal identification

Goal identification

Define the purpose of the website. What website needs to full fill?

Scope definition

Scope definition

Assiging the featuures of the webpage. Determine a timeline for the development.

keyword strategy

Sitemap and wireframe creation

Interrelating content and features defined in scope definition

keyword strategy

Content Creation

Keeping in mind Search engine optimization, we write or help your writers write the content.

Visual Elements & Design

Visual Elements & Design

Work on the visual elements like images and videos that we will use in the web page design.



Test the website to make sure it fits all the parameters of core web vitals.



Time to showcase the webpage to the world. Discuss the launching plan.

Review changes

Review changes

Review feedback and make necessary changes. Work on technical glitch after the webpage is live.

Things we consider while creating Website

The website that we create speaks on its own because we have mastered the art of web designing. We match the expectations of the client along with the current trend while designing the web page. It helps us produce the webpage that will outrank in the competition along with your competitors.

Proper methodology:

Digital Marketing Nepal uses the proper techniques while creating the website to satisfy the client and reach their goals. We use various methodologies to make a website simple and avoid complications.

Accountability with our work:

Our expert will provide an After-sale service. It includes free service for up to 6 months if any technical error arises. You can subscribe to our services if you want us to help for more than six months.

Purpose of website:

Based on the purpose and plan of the webpage, the motive and the customer also vary. We communicate well with you and include things for the website. A great example of this is e-commerce and entertainment webpages. Both the webpage have different kinds of audiences, and their motive varies. We build the webpage according to it.

Content and design:

Good content and information are the core of any website. Choosing the right keyword along with the content helps in ranking the webpage. A content would stand out if we also use elegant graphics. We understand this and apply it to your webpage which represents our capability and professionalism.

We can help you with the exact thing that you are expecting from your webpage. So we focus on making your website ideal to get the best outcome.
We understand your website will be your impression in front of your potential customer. If you want to build the webpage with us, drop the message on our contact us page or call us directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I pay for web design?

The cost of the web design will depend on the size of your business. Also, the price depends on the features you like to add to your web.

How long will it take to develop my web?

The time to design your web will usually take from 14- 30 days. However, in urgencies, we can deliver it within seven days. 

Who will write content for my web?

You can provide your content. If not, we have a professional content writer who will write for you. We will check all the content before putting it on the web if you provide it.

Where will my web be hosted?

The performance of the web also depends upon the hosting. As wise developers, we will recommend the best hosting type and company after understanding the nature of your web. So we have tied up with many hosting companies for hosting the web. 


Which is the best web design company in Nepal?

Digital Marketing Company in Nepal is undoubtedly the best web design company in Nepal. We understand that the web is your online office. Considering these, we do our best to represent you online. We also consider Search Engine Optimization while making your web.