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We start with white sheet prototype to ensure personalization.

Web design company in Nepal/ Digital Marketing Nepal

Along with the development of technology in Nepal, websites are gaining importance like never seen before. More and more people nowadays are spending most of their time in the virtual world of internet which is the main reason behind the increase in importance of web design in Nepal. Web design in Nepal are being used for representing the work of the business so that the attention of right audience can be gained.

And for this one need to have a good web designer for ensuring to make your website is attractive and there can be no better option than Digital marketing Nepal as a web design company of Nepal to help you with it. The design of the website that we create ensures to represent the clients and their needs perfectly.

Let’s build something amazing together?

Our services as a web designer of Nepal

We have been in this industry of designing since a very long time so we know exactly what type of designing is perfect for the clients and how is the things processed.

We update our self with the trend to make sure that the website which we create is trendy so as to compete with your competitors.

The website which we design are SEO friendly so it attracts customers to the landing page.

We make sure that the responsive design which we create are compatible enough to all type of devices.

Website created by us are regularly monitored to avoid various dysfunction that may arise.

The team of web designers have been working in this industry since a long type so we have gained a lot of skills through our experience.

When we handle your website then it becomes our priority so we make sure that it is getting that right exposure.

Along with the quality of service that we provide the service charge is also very reasonable.

Process For Developing the Web

Goal identification

Goal identification

Defining the purpose of the website. What website needs to full fill?
Scope definition

Scope definition

What pages and features website requires, Timeline for building.
keyword strategy

Sitemap and wireframe creation

Interelating content and features we defined in scope definition
keyword strategy

Content Creation

Keeping in mind SEO optimization in future we write or help your writers write the content
Visual Elements & Design

Visual Elements & Design

Start working on the visual brand and designing process of the website starts.



Manual browsing of the site on a variety of devices with automated site crawlers to identify everything from user experience issues



Time to bring out the beauty to the world. Discuss the launching plan.

Review changes

Review changes

Review feedback and changes. Work on technical glitch after website being live

Things we consider while creating Website

The website that we create speaks on its own because we have mastered in the art of web designing. We keep each and every possible things such as the need and expectations of client along with the current trend while designing the web and some of the things are mentioned below: 

Proper methodology:

We try to use the right techniques while creating the website so that we can satisfy the client and help then reach their priority. We use various methodology if we have to create simple website and then we try to avoid the complications.

Accountability with our work:

After sale service will also be provided by us and it will include to free your website from any type of technical error that may arise. We try to include each things from the development to designing.

Purpose of website:

Based on the purpose and plan of the website, the motive and the customer also varies. The things which we need to include for the website targeting e-commerce customer may not be same as of entertainment focused customer. So keeping the clients need and the purpose of website we create the website.

Content and design:

Good contents and information is the core of any website. So we use appropriate keyword in the content so that it will rank in the search engine. Along with that we focus on the quality of design which represent our capability and professionalism.

We can help you with the exact right thing that you are expecting from your website. So focus on making your website perfect from the base to get the best outcome without any loophole.

Since your website will be your first impression in front of your potential customer so let us give our knowledge and expertise to your website and growing your business.