8 Proven Ways for Increasing Organic Traffic in 2023

8 proven ways for increasing organic traffic in 2023

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August 29, 2022

Getting to the top of Google and getting tons of traffic from search engines is a dream far and far away.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of improving the performance of your website for better UX with the latest software, i.e., WooCommerce stock manager, so that you can improve your inventory and show your unique products in search results and increase your traffic.

If you follow our 8 proven methods to increase traffic, your hard work will not lead to quick success – that’s the nature of SEO – but you will see long-term and vital improvements and succeed. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start!

What is Organic Traffic?

Organic traffic is the amount of traffic you didn’t pay for. But, if a visitor visits your website without seeing ads or anything else, it is considered an organic visit.

On the other hand, the traffic that comes to your website after viewing ads such as Google ads, Facebook ads, etc., will be referred to as paid traffic. So, let’s discuss the tips that will help you increase your website traffic.

● Identify your website’s good and bad links

In recent years, backlinks have been an essential element of SEO. Although there are rumors that their value will decrease in the future, many Google employees have confirmed that communication will remain the most important in the coming years.

Of course, you can get traffic from Google without many links or just a few. But the truth is, you can never compete with the most authoritative sites in your industry without building or getting good backlinks.

If you are serious about increasing organic traffic for your website, you need to know which backlinks help your SEO and which ones threaten your ranking. I’m sure you already know that not all backlinks are good and that your search engine ranking does not depend on your number of backlinks.

● Develop content based on target keyword research

As you develop your SEO strategy, SEO tools like SEMrush, Surfer SEO, and Ahrefs can help you determine which keywords you need. Your keyword tools are customized to help you match your content with what your users are searching for. Each piece of content you create should be as relevant as possible to the purpose of the research.

Leverage Topic Clusters 

What are SEO Content Clusters? It’s a collection of content that focuses on categories of content that focus on a specific topic.

Content collections are a great way to help Google understand how your content is structured and described. By following these tips, you will be on your way to building your successful profile, which is one of the essential SEO techniques.

Instead of just searching pages for a keyword related to the topic of your specific blog post, Google is now searching for similar keywords, topics, and answers to common questions. As a result, the importance of keyword research in SEO strategies is increasing.

Assess your website’s current health and performance

Before you know how to fix some website health issues and improve your specific SEO scores, you take these steps; you need to understand the status of your website at present.

The best way to get an insight into your website’s performance is to activate Google Search Console.

You need to verify ownership of your website by copying and pasting a small snippet of code into your DNS configuration. Still, once that is done, you will gain knowledge unmatched in your website’s technical structure and condition.

Focus on improving page speed

Page speed is a measure of how quickly content loads on your page. This is important in providing a great user experience. Google will demote your site if it finds users spending less time on it. 

The lower your website rank, the less it will be known. This ultimately affects your organic traffic, making it difficult for users to find your site.

Blog about your user’s questions and problems

If you have an online business, you will receive many questions from your potential or existing clients. The truth is that even if you have a simple website, people will have questions that need to be answered.

So instead of giving a short answer to every question in an email, write detailed information based on your users’ concerns.

Why? Because people often type similar questions into Google. If you have information that fully answers this question, you may appear in the first results for this question – a great way to generate traffic.

Use data and metrics to optimize results

Use something like Google Analytics to track visitors to your website and blog. Seeing where they came from and what keywords they searched for allows you to optimize your content.

Finally, to increase online traffic, you must give your customers what they want – good advice, information, and knowledge.

Host exclusive content on your website

Start a blog, create a free course, design SlideShare presentations, host webinars, and publish other relevant content on your website. Maintain a regular schedule of ads and allow users to subscribe, so they have a reason to keep coming back.

Search is a great creative tool to use in your content marketing. And it’s not just these users’ emails that you can sell to in the future; you also have information about them through their survey responses.

When users complete a test, they get a summary of the results. Then they post those results on social media, and their connections can click on the link and take the test themselves. Use this strategy to increase traffic and grow your email list simultaneously.


Organic traffic and SEO is a never-ending process. No matter how much traffic you currently have and how well you are progressing with your SEO strategy, it would be best if you never neglected your progress.

Always see how your trades change weekly and analyze what worked best and didn’t.

Over time, your site will attract backlinks, and all of them should be analyzed. I suggest checking new links every month to see if the ones you recently found are good or bad for your SEO.

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