What does an SEO Company do?

what does an SEO agency do?

Written by Pandit Ashok

June 1, 2021

As the leading SEO company in Nepal, we have been in the field for over ten years. Many people wonder what an SEO company does. If you are among those many, this post is just for you. The post contains every detail and insight into every process inside an SEO company. 

What does an SEO company do?  

An SEO agency will work on your website to increase its ranking in search engines for related keywords. 

It will drive traffic to your webpage. More traffic means more chances of finishing your jobs. 

The jobs here represent the reasons you have your website on the internet. 

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Website audit:

SEO companies first do an SEO audit.

Website audits analyze your webpage to determine whether your website is optimized for your traffic goals. It will then provide ideas to improve your SEO strategy to reach your goals.  

Web page audits are regular. It gives you an idea of whether or not your SEO strategy works in your favor. 

Overall, a Web Page audit helps SEO agencies evaluate everything an SEO agency will perform to reach your goal. 

It includes everything from page speed analysis, content evaluation, user experience, website responsiveness checking, backlink analysis, SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION, AND many others. 

Keyword Research: 

Keywords are the search terms users use to look for services and products they need on the search engines. At the same time, keyword research identifies and analyzes such terms. It is a crucial process in search engine optimization and content marketing strategies. 

An SEO agency helps find keywords related to your business used by your audience to look for your services. 

They will also create content based on their keyword research and put it on your website. 

Doing so will place your website in front of your potential customers. 

On-page Optimization: 

On-page optimization is the process of making changes to the different parts of individual pages of a webpage to improve the rankings of the webpage. 

Such changes ensure that search engines understand the page’s intent and rank them for relevant keywords.  

It includes using an optimized title for the page, URL formation for the page, proper use of keywords in the title, heading, and content, and many more. 

Off-page Optimization: 

Off-page optimization involves linking your webpage to other web pages.  

Linking is an essential factor that determines your webpage’s authority. It’s the website’s vote of support for your website. 

It’s essential to check the relevance and quality of the web pages that link to you. 

 SEO agency ensures you link to a relevant and qualitative webpage.

 It implements strategies to get links from other web pages. 

Technical optimization: 

Under this SEO agency, work on your web page’s coding.

 It optimizes your web code to ensure faster loading. 

They also check that your webpage is responsive on every device and that the user experience is not compromised.

They ensure your web page is connected to essential analytical tools such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics. 

These tools help monitor your web page’s performance on digital platforms.  

Competitor analysis: 

SEO agencies find competitors and spy on them to stay ahead. Competitor analysis provides insights into the competitor’s strategy that makes them successful in the industry.

It also gives ideas of areas of opportunity and develops effective strategies to beat your competitors in rankings. 


An SEO agency also reports everything they do on your webpage. 

The report includes collecting, organizing, and interpreting various metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate the impact of SEO efforts on website visibility, organic traffic, keyword rankings, conversions, and other relevant factors.

If any strategies fail, they will also mention the reasons behind them. 

An agency typically provides you with a report based on their monthly rules or based on your agreement or requirements. These reports aim to clearly understand the SEO strategies they have applied to bring your website to the top of the search engines.  

In conclusion, an SEO agency boosts your ROI (Return on Investment) by improving your ranking and organic traffic to your website. It helps to build your brand and website authority in search engines. They are experts at doing all these. 

If you are looking for an SEO expert in Nepal, you can contact a Digital Marketing Company in Nepal. We have experts of every business niche. We are just a phone call away. 

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