What does an SEO Company do?

what does an SEO agency do?

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June 1, 2021

Everyone who is thinking of hiring an SEO company might question what does an SEO company do? SEO Company in Nepal

thus has tried to answer the question in the post.

The answer to this question is simple. Any SEO agency will increase your web page ranking in the search engine to the related keywords. 

It will help to drive traffic to your webpage. More traffic means more chances of getting your jobs done. 

The jobs here represent the reasons for which you have your webpage on the internet. 

To get a higher ranking, an SEO company does many things. If you want to know about it, you can continue with the post.

So, Without further ado, let’s jump into the central part of the post. 

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Website audit: 

Whenever you want to hire an SEO agency, the first thing they would do is an SEO audit.

 It will give them an idea about the situation of your webpage from an SEO point of view. 

The website audit is, in simple words, the analysis of your webpage to find out the weaker points and more decisive points of your webpage. 

Web page audit is a regular process. It gives an idea to determine whether or not the SEO strategy is working in favor. 

A Web Page audit evaluates everything which an SEO agency does. 

Keyword Research: 

The next important thing done by an SEO firm is Keyword research. 

Keywords are the search terms used by your users to look for services provided by you on the search engines. 

An SEO agency helps find keywords related to your business used by your audience to look for your services. 

They will create content based on their keyword research and put them on your web page. 

On-page Optimization: 

On-page Optimization is the process of making changes to the content of the webpage. 

Such changes make sure that search engines understand the page. 

It includes using the right title for the page, URL formation for the page, proper use of the keywords, and many more. 

Off-page Optimization: 

Off-page Optimization is related to linking your webpage to other web pages.  

Linking is an essential factor that determines your authority on the webpage. It’s the vote of support of the web page. 

Whenever you link to another web page, you are giving your vote to others. The case is the opposite whenever someone links to you. 

 SEO agency makes sure you are linking to relevant webpage. It also checks the quality of links that are linking to your webpage.

 It implements strategies to get links from other web pages. 

Technical Optimization: 

Under this SEO agency would work on the coding level of your webpage.

 It optimizes the codes of your webpage to make sure the webpage loads faster. 

They also check that your webpage is responsive to every device and user experience is not compromised.

They make sure your web page is connected to basic analytical tools such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics. 

These tools help to monitor the performance of your web page on digital platforms. 


An SEO agency will make a report of everything they did on your webpage. 

They will report to you as per the agreement you have or as per their company rules. 

The report includes the progress they have made with their SEO strategies.

 If any strategies fail, they will also mention the reasons behind the failure. 

It also includes strategies that they are applying. 

Well, this sums up the things done by an SEO corporation to bring your webpage to the top of Search Engines. 

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I try to be as simple and be non-technical in explaining every point. If you feel any difficulty understanding any points, please feel free to comment. 

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