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conversion rate optimization

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May 6, 2020


Every business has a website. The website is put on the internet to get some benefits.

Some of the business owners are conscious of Search Engine Optimization. 

So, they have hired an SEO expert for the job of achieving the goal.

Despite this, the number of the website which has gained benefit from the online is low. 

The reason behind this is most are unknown about conversion rate optimization.

They have conversion rate optimization strategies that help to fulfill the objectives of the website.

According to Hosting Facts, “As of March 23, 2020, there are 1.75 billion websites in the world.

There are 4.54 billion Internet users in the world.

“The average eCommerce industry conversion rate is 2.04%.

The industry with the most significant average conversion rate is arts and crafts at 4.01%.” stated Hubspot.

Conversion rate optimization is all about getting the website’s aim attained. It is done by making visitors take the desired action on the website. 

The purpose of the website is different depending on the objectives of the business.

Some business objectives are getting sales boosted through websites, getting more subscribers, establishing public relations, etc.

Conversion rate optimization tips help the digital marketer to set the path to increase conversion of the websites.

Getting people to do desired actions on the website has been the challenge.

Many digital marketing agencies these days have started the conversion rate optimization service. 

They use the following conversion rate optimization tips to make conversion rate optimization strategies and apply them to the website to promote conversion.

Persuade Consumers using social ProofProof

Savvy marketers to understand the behavior of consumers.

People tend to believe the business that has given social ProofProof and are more likely to use products and services. 

According to the PowerReviews reports, about 95 % of consumers read reviews of others before using online business services. 

So putting reviews of people on the landing page or Call to Action page is an excellent idea to boost conversion.

  1. Connect with consumers using human emojis’ and smileys

Most internet users use emojis’ and smileys to express their emotions. 92 % of online users use it in messaging. 

In every kind of online communication, words take the place of face-to-face or vocal conversation, which express emotions.

In this scenario use of emojis and smiley makes visitors feel your emotions which plays a significant role in conversion.

 The proper use of smileys helps get your message across, closing a deal or establishing the relationship with the consumers.

  1. Find out what exactly the visitors are doing on the website.

Finding the information would help you know where you are getting visitors, which pages visitors are spending the longest time.

Google Analytics could gain this information.

For better results, you can use tools like ClickHeat, Crazyegg, etc.

Understanding user behavior on the website is crucial for the optimization of conversions.

For example, you are not getting any customers. Although you have a lot of visitors on the CTA page, you do not have any customers.

It could be because visitors didn’t find the CTA button. 

So placing a CTA button by increasing the font or changing the place could help.

  1. Make sure the CTA button is organized.

The placement of the call to action button also contributes to boosting conversion.

So the organization of the CTA button is crucial. Make sure you have placed the CTA button making visible. 

Use a contrast color so that the button is visible. They should have proximity to the previous action with a compelling text. 

Doing this would tell visitors what they are doing on the website. Don’t keep more than one CTA button; it could confuse visitors.

  1. Reduce bounce and exit rate

To reduce the bounce rate and exit rate, you have to improve your website’s content’s readability.

You can develop a solid internal linking.

 Also, you can set external links to open in new windows.

These things would help you retain users within the website, which plays a significant role in boosting conversions.

  1. Identify consumers need

Identifying consumers’ needs and meeting their exception would boost conversion.

For this, you have to understand consumers’ tastes and needs.

 Understanding consumers needs and taste help you provide the goods and services which they are looking.

This is a very challenging but crucial task for boosting the conversion.

  1. Use videos for explaining the product

Videos are the most interactive content on the www web. People love to watch videos on the internet. 

O using short videos explaining the benefits of the products and services and asking people to use your products would increase conversion. 

You can also use reviews from happy customers, your offers anything you think could drive leads to conversion on the landing page.

This would improve conversions.

  1. Use lead capture forms.

Using the lead capture forms plays a crucial role in conversion.

It’s the final stage before the lead to your website turns into consumers.

 If a lead didn’t pass the form, then all of the effort you put people to this stage would be vain.

So depending on your conversion goal, these forms have to be created. 

So you have to be clear about what you want visitors to do on the website.

For example, If you want visitors to subscribe to the website, ask them to provide their email only.

  1. Use friendly pop-ups to generate more subscribers.

Having tons of subscribers means having more possibility of conversion. But to get subscribers is the challenge.

 If you want to get more subscribers, you must use user-friendly pop-ups which are catchy and credible.

I am using friendly pop-ups to convert visitors to the website into subscribers.

 It is the tried and tested website lead strategy to have more subscribers.

  1. Create custom deals and personalized offers

This point is all about making every visitor feel vital as you know their needs.

It’s the human feeling. If anyone makes you feel you are important, you would like to have a connection with them. 

Following this fact, creating custom deals that fulfill every visitor’s desired needs who visits the website helps increase conversion. 

This concept emphasis, every consumer has different needs.

Having offers according to the needs of many consumers would extend the possibility of conversions.

The best example of this is internet service. The need for speed and volume of entrepreneurs could be different than for individuals.

Having adjustable speed and volume of the internet service would cover both types of consumers.

Offering discounts or other offers to consumers also boost conversion.

The website’s purpose is fulfilled if the visitors take actions for which you have created the website.

 Your every marketing campaign would turn into vain if you couldn’t get the conversion. 

Conversion rate optimization tips would help you improve the conversions of your website. 

Contact us for any conversion-related problems. We will be there to help you. 


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