Best Tips To Follow For Conversion Rate Optimization Of Website

conversion rate optimization

Written by Pandit Ashok

May 6, 2020

What is conversion rate optimization? 

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the strategy of improving a website’s or landing page by making visitors to the website take a desired action. Such a desired action includes purchasing, filling in a form, downloading pdfs, etc. 

CRO mainly focuses on improving the user experience to encourage people to take the desired action. It is typically achieved through the proper content organization, design, and functionality based on user feedback and data.

CRO can be determined through continuous experiments and testing. Such experiments include A/B testing and multivariate testing. CRO helps every business maximize its return on investment. 

The mathematical formula for finding the conversion rate of your website is the number of conversions from the website/ Total number of visitors to the website *100

Importance of conversion rate optimization; 

A website is put up on the internet to gain some benefits. Despite this, the number of websites that have benefited from online could be a lot higher. 

It is because most people have yet to learn about conversion rate optimization. Implementing the correct conversion rate optimization strategies will help businesses fulfill the website’s objectives.

According to Siteefy, “As of February 16, 2023, there are 1.13 billion websites worldwide. Likewise Digital Solutions shows, the average conversion rate of websites as on November 29, 2022, is 2.35. However, these numbers are never constant. They keep changing day by day.

Getting people to take the desired actions on the website has been challenging. It is the reason Digital Marketing Company in Nepal has started offering conversion rate optimization services. 

If you struggle to achieve your goal through your website, following these tips may be a relief.  

● Persuade consumers using social proof

Businesses must understand the behavior of consumers.

People are likelier to use products and services from businesses that have provided social proof. 

According to the PowerReviews survey, about 95 % of consumers read reviews of others before using online business services. 

Putting reviews of people on the landing page or Call to Action page is an excellent idea to boost conversion.

● Connect with consumers using human emojis and smileys.

Most internet users use emojis and smileys to express their emotions. 92% of online users use them in messaging. 

In every kind of online communication, words replace face-to-face or vocal conversation, which expresses emotions.

In this scenario, the use of emojis and smileys makes visitors feel your emotions, which plays a significant role in increasing conversion rates.

 Using smileys, you can get your message across, close a deal, or establish a relationship with your clients.

● Find out how visitors are doing on the website.

Finding information regarding user behavior on the website would help you know from where you are getting visitors and which pages visitors are spending the longest time on.

Google Analytics could collect this information. Understanding user behavior on the website is crucial for the optimization of conversions.

For example, although you have many visitors to the CTA page, you do not have any customers. It could be because visitors needed help finding the CTA button. 

You can achieve this by increasing the font size or changing the location of a CTA button.

● Make sure the CTA button is organized.

The placement of the call to action button also contributes to boosting conversion.

So the organization of the CTA button is crucial. Make sure you have placed the CTA button in a visible location. 

Use a contrasting color so that the button is visible. They should be related to the previous action with compelling text. 

Doing this would tell visitors what they are doing on the website. Keep up to one CTA button; otherwise, it could confuse visitors.

● Reduce bounce and exit rates.

To reduce bounce and exit rates, you must improve your website’s content’s readability.

You can develop solid internal links. Also, you can set external links to open in new windows.

These things help you retain users on the website, which plays a significant role in boosting conversions.

● Identify consumers’ needs.

Identifying consumers’ needs and meeting their requirements would boost conversion. For this, you have to understand consumers’ tastes and needs.

 You can provide the goods and services consumers seek by understanding their needs and tastes. Identifying consumers’ needs is challenging but crucial for optimizing conversion.

● Use videos to explain the product.

Videos are the most interactive content on the internet. People love watching videos on the internet. 

The use of short videos explaining the benefits of your products and services would increase conversions. The landing page can also include video reviews from happy customers, which will drive conversions.

● Use lead capture forms.

The purpose of lead capture forms is to collect the contact information of potential customers. 

If a lead does not complete the form, all your efforts to get people through this stage will be in vain. So depending on your conversion goal, these forms have to be created.  

If the lead has started the conversion and needs to complete it, you can contact them and remind them.

● Use friendly pop-ups to generate more subscribers.

Having tons of subscribers means having more conversion chances. But getting subscribers is the challenge.

Using user-friendly pop-ups that are catchy and credible helps any website. A user-friendly pop-up consists of clear and concise messages. It should be relevant and should offer value to the user. 

Similarly, it should be appealing and appear at the right time. The right time is when the user has spent time on the website or is about to leave. Likewise, pop-ups should be easy to close and device responsive. 

● Create custom deals and personalized offers.

This point is about making every visitor feel special as you know their needs. It’s human nature; if anyone makes you feel special, you want to connect with them. 

In light of this point, creating custom deals tailored to each visitor’s specific needs on a website helps increase conversions. 

Every consumer has different needs, according to this concept. Having offers that meet the needs of most visitors would increase the possibility of conversions.

Internet service providers (ISPs) are a practical example of this as entrepreneurs need different levels of speed and volume of the internet as compared to households. 

As a result, ISPs allow users to adjust internet speeds and volumes by providing different internet packages. All types of consumers benefit from this. 

Other examples in this regard could be offering discounts or other offers to consumers.


The website’s purpose is fulfilled if visitors take actions for which you have created the website. In the absence of conversions, every marketing campaign would be in vain. 

Conversion rate optimization tips will help you improve the conversions of your website. Contact us for any conversion-related problems. We will be there to help you. 

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