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May 6, 2020

When you go to a local tiffin shop or khaja Ghar and order noodles, do you say ‘chau chau banau nus ta’ or Wai Wai khau? Do you say give me cola or give me a coke? 

These brands have become so well-known, they’ve replaced the generic terms for similar products in our language. 

Brand Awareness is setting up the reputation of your firm and consistently maintaining exposure online or offline.

The conversion rate of the branded company is always more than that of an unknown company.

 Online Branding plays a significant role in the success of the business in the digital platform. 

Today I would like to walk you through some sneaky ways to build brand awareness online.

Mainly there are billions of competitors on the internet.

So, building brand awareness provides a unique identity to your firm.

 Developing an online brand reputation helps to develop a relationship with customers and trust you more. 

This is essential for the success of the business on the internet.

Consumers develop strong feelings towards the branded company with loyalty, love, and disdain (check meaning).

Maximizing a brand online not just helps you get the immediate return on investment.

It also helps the business in the long-term. The brand provides recognition among targeted customers. 

A business with a strong brand could even survive in the recession because everyone trusts them.

The branded business should never launch a viral marketing or buzz marketing campaign. 

(To strong Statement) Whatever they do would be the topic of discussion.

One example of a branded company is Apple.

Defining the brand

Defining the brand means analyzing your position in the market.

It includes reviews of your services and products, consumer satisfaction, exceptions from you, and the extent to which you have successfully fulfilled it. 

Knowing the strength and weaknesses of your brand is essential.

Having such insights helps you move in the right direction.

It helps you work on your area of weakness and improve your brand image.

  1. Defining the Market

Understanding the market is essential for building a brand online.

Knowing your targeted market helps you understand the taste, likes, and dislikes of your consumers. 

When you see the market, you can provide and products according to consumer needs.

It would contribute to building your reputation on the internet.

  1. Optimizing the website

Optimizing the website improves search visibility.

It drives targeted traffic to your website.

Improved search visibility raises awareness of the business among potential customers and helps to maximize sales. 

Launching Search Engine Optimization is a strong example of this kind

  1. Paid Marketing

Paid marketing is helpful If you are new in the industry and want to get noticed immediately.

It explores your brand with people who are interested in your products and services, providing instant results.

 It is further divided into three parts, i.e., social media marketing, search marketing, and display marketing. 

Social Media Marketing helps to reach a massive audience with a bit of investment.

It enhances brand visibility on the internet.

Using social media promotes loyalty, visibility, recognition of the brand among targeted and potential customers.

It also promotes sales. 

Analyzing the best social media platform for your business is crucial for using social media to your benefit. 

Search marketing refers to google ads on which ads for relevant keywords are displayed on search engines’ SERP.

Advertisers have more control over the ads shown by the SERP. 

Unlike other marketing, this covers targeted audiences who have an interest and intent of searching the search engines. 

Display marketing includes paying for search engines for showing ads on the niche-based website.

It is a native advertisement or sponsored post. 

In case you are doing native advertisement and sponsored post you’d be paying directly to the website owner. 

Display marketing promotes ads referral traffic to your website who are interested in your products and services.

It helps to raise brand awareness of the company

  1. Press release Marketing

Press release marketing is the most effective means of reaching a greater audience.

It is cost-effective marketing. There are many free and paid press release marketing websites online.

You can approach them to get the news of your business to be published on their website.

  1. Launching video Marketing

Video marketing is the most effective marketing if you want to gain more exposure and visibility online.

Producing video related to the business helps to make your brand stronger online. 

The video is the most interactive content online.

Youtube, where you publish your videos, is the second-largest search engine after Google. 

 So focusing on video marketing would help significantly in the maximization of brand awareness on the internet.

  1. Start a blog

Blogging is the best way to increase search engine ranking. It’s the place to talk about your products and services. 

The blog provides the platform to interact with your customer. You can talk about topics related to your business.

Moreover, it develops a strong relationship with customers and influencers in the business. 

You can check why the blog is important for your business to know more about it. 

  1. Standardize your Brand

Standardizing on the brand means synchronizing your online presence with the offline company. 

Online presence provides a virtual feel, whereas offline provides a physical sense.

It would help if you tried to match the feeling from both fields whenever you can serve the customer. 

This would contribute to developing your reputation on the internet.

E.g., if you order something from Amazon, they dispatch it to you, making you feel that you have received it from Amazon.

  1. Continue to evolve the brand.

Just focusing on online marketing would never help to make your brand stronger.

With every marketing campaign launched online, your brand should evolve itself.

So, you have to analyze every marketing campaign launched online and see where you have reached.

You need to adjust, don’t hesitate to do it because this is how your brand evolves.

  1. Be authentic in every marketing campaign.

Many people are busy giving fake news today to seek people’s attention.

If you are doing such things in promoting the brand, you have to think about it twice. 

People love authentic and transparent news.

Don’t try to mislead people by providing made-up things. It would rather harm your brand instead of making it more robust.

Online Brand awareness is a long-term process that needs patience. Don’t except for immediate results.

You have to engage with your customer regularly, respond to them.

The more authentic and transparent you become, the easier it would become to build brand knowledge.

With these brand awareness tips, you’ll be a super-star brand in no time.

Any bonus pieces of brand awareness advice you want to dispense? Add your thoughts in the comments. 

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