Best 11 Free Instagram Followers Hacks, No Survey

Best 11 Free Instagram followers hack no survey

Written by Pandit Ashok

May 23, 2022

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. According to Statista, Instagram has the 4th most active user among all social media today. Thus, growing your business through Instagram has many advantages. Thus, everyone wants to know Instagram followers hack. 

The Instagram page can be handy for raising brand awareness, getting more leads into your business, and building relationships. If you want to grow your business through Instagram, your page should have many followers. 

You can get many followers to your Instagram page if you read the post entirely. The article will give you everything you need to develop an effective strategy. The post contains best 11 free Instagram followers hacks, no survey.  

● Upgrade to Instagram Page

Instagram has a feature to upgrade your instagram account to a business page. Thus,you should upgrade your Instagram account to a page. Doing these will give you access to the audience insight, ads tools and add shop options. 

These tools will help you understand audience behavior to your posts, run ads and add your online store. It will help you monitor the performance of the page and take action if anything is going wrong. 

● Optimize Your Instagram page

 Optimizing your Instagram page is the most crucial aspect of getting followers on your page. An optimized page would give users a complete idea regarding your business at a glimpse as soon as they land on your page. 

You can impress your targeted customer easily through an optimized Instagram page. Just follow these simple tricks to optimize your Instagram page.

       i.  Use distant username and name of the page

You should always use two different keywords related to your business: the name and your page’s username. You can use the name of the company to name your business page.

But then don’t use the same name as the page’s username, which most businesses do. You can choose other keywords related to your business as the username. 

It allows you to rank for two different keywords.  

      ii.  Use logo as a profile picture

The logo is the business representation in a graphic form. Using a logo helps the user understand what your business is all about. 

The profile picture is the first and topmost picture on Instagram.

      iii. Write a bio rich with keywords.  

Instagram provides minimal characters in its bio. It has 150 characters’ biography. You should be creative while writing your bio. Your bio can include keywords to explain who you are and what you can provide to your customers. 

You should also provide them with your website URL if you have one or can give alternate contact details if you don’t have a webpage.

● Find your best time to post on Instagram

You can track the ideal time for your followers when they are most active. For that, you can check the “insight” button to know the operational time of your followers. 

You can tap on Insight and click on “Your Audience” and then “See All”. You can view your audience’s most active times by scrolling down to the bottom of the page. 

Posting like this leverages your content to most of your followers and to your potential followers giving more chances to brag to more followers to your page.

● Post relevant content

You should also post relevant contents which your audiences want to see. These contents include what your followers pay more attention to and what their interests are bagged-in. You can talk with your followers directly through a message on Instagram.  

● Post Consistently

According to Tailwind Study, the pages which post daily on Instagram gain followers faster. Consistency is the crucial element of getting your post seen. If the posts are shared regularly, Instagram will show the page at the top of the feed of your followers. 

Instagram scheduling tools will allow you to post consistently. An average posting every alternate day or three days a week would be the best practice to adopt.

● Experimenting with different content types

Instagram is not only about photos. Over the years, the app has been updated in its many features and ways to share content on the platform. Posting various content is the best way of gaining more followers on your page. 

It is an excellent opportunity to get linked and connected with a more significant mass at a time. Each content has its advantage and has its group of followers. 

Some popular posts on Instagram include short videos, infographics, motion pictures, and animated pictures. Instagram always pushes excellent content to reach its users. 

For example, Instagram videos appear four times larger than the photos on the explore pages. Since IGTV can last up to 60 minutes, it is ideal for long-term video.

● Write great Caption

Captions are also known as copywriting. You should be very creative while writing captions. No matter how advanced the internet has become, it cannot understand the media unless you write about it.

Also, you cannot put everything on the media that you will be using as a post. Thus, it would help if you always bridged the gap in the captions. 

You should make sure the media is explained to the Instagram algorithm. At the same time, it should also include the missed information in the media posted.

It should be sweet, appealing and concise.

● Hashtags

The right hashtags can show your content to the targeted audience on Instagram. It would help if you did massive research on the right hashtags relevant to your business. 

There are many tools for doing hashtag research. It would be best to consider the volume of the hashtags based on your page’s popularity before choosing the best #tags for your post. Instagram allows 30 hashtags per post.

● Engage with your Audience

Commitment is significant for the development of Instagram. Many brands tragically center on preferences and remarks, disregarding individuals behind those measurements. 

To get more Instagram devotees, you want to draw your fans into a discussion. Remember that since somebody sees your substance, that doesn’t mean they as of now follow you. 

If you get an opportunity to communicate with a likely supporter, you should take it. 

You can do this by replying to every comment posted by your followers in your post.

● Collaborate On Post feed

With the collaboration feature on Instagram, you can co-create Instagram feed posts and Reels with the influencers and other brands. This feature in Instagram allows you to share your content with a larger audience. 

You can now share your content on more than one account or page and get credit for the content. It allows mass reach to your content.

● Create an Instagram challenge

Instagram challenges have always been famous. Making a fruitful Instagram challenge can sling your record into the overall outlook, arriving at expected devotees’ thousands or even millions. For the best outcomes, ensure that the challenge is simple and exciting. 

It could be fascinating for your users if you add some gift hampers to complete the challenge. For example you can ask a question and give alternatives of answers to choose the right one. 

Following the above strategies, you can grow  followers on your  Instagram pages. These tactics will not only boost the followers on the page but will also help you get clients. If you want an agency or hire a person for the job, you can contact a Digital marketing agency in Nepal.  

We have been serving clients for decades. We have mastered free Instagram followers hacks and will apply the best and latest strategy to grow your Instagram. Digital marketing Nepal is the best agency providing Social Media Marketing in Nepal. 

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