What are the different types of websites?

different types of websites

Written by Pandit Ashok

January 14, 2023

What is a website? 

A website is a collection of pages that has related content. It is identified by one domain name and published on at least one web server. Websites are accessible by a network such as an internet or local area network through a web browser or other applications. They are usually created using HTML, CSS and Javascript. These days, plenty of web builders help to build a website. The website can be hosted in various types of hosting like dedicated servers, shared servers and cloud-based servers. 

A website contains text, images, videos and other interactive content. Based on the website’s purpose, such contents are arranged in the websites. 

There are several types of websites, each one serving a different purpose. Here are a few common types:

10 different types of websites

1. Informational website:

Informational websites are built to provide information regarding a particular topic or subject. These are mostly used by non-profit organizations, educational institutions and businesses to educate their audience about their products and services. 

2. E-commerce websites:

These websites are made to sell products and services online. They are typically online shops that include shopping cart functionality and secure payment methods. Daraz is a good example of an E-commerce website.

3. Blog website: 

It contains a collection of posts on particular topics written by an individual or group of authors. It can also include subject matter from various topics, such as news analysis and personal musings. In many blogs, readers also can leave their feedback through comments.  

4. News website:

As the name suggests, it includes news updates on various affairs, often in articles or videos. 

5. Portfolio websites: 

These websites are filled with skills of individuals and businesses used to get jobs and projects. It’s biodata consisting of the skills that individuals or businesses have. Photographs and designers mostly use them. 

6. Forum websites: 

Forum websites are often used to discuss issues and information about common topics. Here one can get expert support on problems easily and free of cost. WordPress.org is an example of a forum website where you can get support and provide it regarding every issue related to WordPress.

7. Directory website: 

A directory website consists of a list of other links, usually organized into categories. The main purpose of the directory website is to facilitate people to find detailed lists of websites they are looking. 

For providing such lists, thus, in a directory, a list of the website are arranged based on their niche, location and purpose. Whenever anyone looks for information, all the relevant websites are displayed to them. 

Directory websites include Yelp, Trip Adviser, and Yellow pages

8. Business website: 

Business websites are created to represent the business online. It represents customer support and gives information about products and services sold by a business, history, contact details, and other resources like blogs. A business website can be simple with few pages or complex depending upon the website’s purpose. 

The main purpose of the business website is to sell products and services to its customer. 

9. Landing pages: 

Landing pages are where the customer lands after clicking any links from SERP or advertisement. The landing page’s main purpose is to encourage visitors to take a specific action, such as buying products, filling out the forms or signing up for an account. Landing pages are specially designed for specific products, services or campaigns. It typically contains clear call-to-action buttons with minimal other navigation.

10. Government website: 

Government websites, as government bodies of any country, maintain the name. They contain information, notices, plans and policies of the particular bodies. Depending upon the body’s activities, they will even provide databases and other interactive resources to the general public. Some examples of government websites in Nepal are Kageshwori Manohara Municiplaity website and the website of CDO Nepal.


In conclusion there are various kinds of websites, each one serving its own purpose and functionality. Each type serves different types of website and has its own experience. It’s crucial to choose the right kind of websites which will help you to achieve your goals. Similarly it’s equally important to make sure your website design meets the requirements of the target audience. Digital Marketing Nepal understands this. We are a website design company in Nepal who have been serving website design at an affordable cost. 

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