What is digital Marketing?

what is digital marketing

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January 28, 2021

We often hear that the world of marketing has changed. It has transformed into digital marketing.

It is because traditional marketing is failing to reach the audience like it used to.

A simple example of this could be the demand for newspapers on the internet.

We don’t even need to predict the foreseeable future of digital marketing and its importance even today.

Since digital marketing is streaming and has taken over conventional marketing, every business needs to understand digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Any efforts in marketing that have the involvement of the internet and electronic devices are Digital Marketing.

This marketing type includes marketing through computers, emails, mobile phones, and other internet access devices.

Digital marketing covers the overall strategy of marketing your business on the internet.

It includes various strategies that can attract customers to your business.

Digital marketing agencies:

Various agencies work for digital marketing. The statistical data of the number of digital marketing agencies all over the universe has been expanding quickly.

 Digital marketing agencies evaluate the traffic of your website, apps works on getting more targeted traffic. It analyses the best platform to invest your efforts to grow your business.

Such agencies continually maintain the balance between strategic marketing activities and the result it provides.

Digital marketing is result-based marketing.

A digital marketing agency works with your company to improve productivity and efficiency. 

Every business house can define the objective and set a measurable goal with the digital marketing agency’s help.

Digital marketing agencies boost your return on investment steadily and reliably.

Is Digital marketing important for our business?

There is about 10.21 million internet user in Nepal based on the report provided by Digital 2020.

The popularity of the internet, social media, and smartphone are increasing.

It has made digital marketing vital for every business. 

Having a solid digital presence helps to ensure the long-term success of your business.

The goal of any business is to increase profit.

Your business needs exposure to finding a customer. The best way to make it happen is online marketing.

Through the means of digital marketing, more people can hear about your business. 

People want to learn more about your business.

Internet marketing provides opportunities to share more information related to your business.

Most people check online for information and buy products.

Digital Marketing helps to take your product and services to interested people.

Internet marketing is essential because your customers are online. It is cost-effective and faster.

Your competitors are on a digital platform, so you should be.

You can get higher revenue and establish your brand reputation.

importance of digital marketing agency

Types of Digital Marketing:

For attracting customers to our business, you can use various types of digital marketing.

Depending on where your customers are and how we can you reach them?

There are different types of digital marketing.


SEO focuses on increasing the website’s rank in the search engine and improves the webpage traffic organically.

The chances of establishing a brand are higher as your website’s rank increases in the search engine. 

Email Marketing:

 It is one of the oldest and effective ways of marketing.

It helps in sending personalized emails about products and services to your targeted audience.

Social Media Marketing:

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and others are the platforms of social media.

Marketing on such platforms is Social Media Marketing. This marketing helps in the branding of your business. 

Pay-per-click or PPC:

You can bring paid traffic to your website through PPC marketing. 

You show your ads on selected distributor platforms. 

You should pay for the distributor of your ads whenever anyone clicks the ad. 

Here the distributor could be Search Engine and other websites.

Google Ads is one example in this regard.

What is the cost of Internet Marketing?

Online marketing is a cost-effective form of advertising.

 It will target groups of people who are interested in your products and services.

Digital marketing helps segment your target audience based on age, general interest, or gender.

You also have the option of retargeting.

What can be the best strategy for your business for digital marketing?

There is no particular strategy for digital marketing.

First, you have to understand who your customers are. 

The landscape of competition.

Understand the situation of your business and how it is performing in the current state.

After having a good understanding of all of these, you can make the strategy.

How to get started with digital marketing?

If you are willing and thinking to increase your business through a digital medium, Let ‘Digital Marketing Nepal’ help you figure out the next step for your business’s growth.

Contact us, and one of our experts will review your business goals. Understand your current status in online visibility and would explain the best strategy for your business. 

We will then provide you with some actionable steps for helping to move forward in the digital platform.


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