Top 5 Challenges in Digital Marketing in Nepal

Top 5 Challenges in Digital Marketing in Nepal

Written by Pandit Ashok

September 29, 2020

The importance of digital marketing in today’s business cannot be overstated. Businesses can only succeed with digital marketing due to the growth of the internet and social media platforms. Using digital marketing, companies can reach and engage with their target audiences. 

However, in Nepal, digital marketing faces several challenges that are very distinctive. These challenges significantly affect the growth of a business online. 

As a digital marketing company in Nepal, we understand this. So in this post, we will discuss the top 5 challenges associated with Digital marketing in Nepal and provide a solution.

Nepal has recently been in the digitization process, and as a result, businesses face various challenges. 

Digital marketing is a challenging job. It is becoming more difficult as the business needs proper direction and guidance. After reading the post, we hope you can tactfully solve most of your challenges. 

Top 5 challenges in Digital Marketing in Nepal

● Lack of talent:

There are a lot of people in Nepal who are involved in digital marketing because they own their businesses. They can’t pour their hearts into it. They should focus on two things simultaneously, specifically business and digital marketing. 

Digital marketing is a dynamic marketing platform. Here things change often. Business owners must update themselves with the latest trends and follow the same things they learned. 

As a result, the business needs help creating digital marketing campaigns that would lead to conversions. As a business owner, you should hire someone specializing in digital marketing.  

● Language barrier: 

According to the nepalindata, Nepal speaks 123 languages. It presents a significant challenge for businesses to reach a wider audience through digital marketing. 

Creating content in different languages is time-consuming and expensive. In this case, your business can use visual content to convey the message. Visuals are universal forms of communication that give messages. 

● Lack of digital literacy: 

Most people who understand the benefits of the internet are located in urban areas only. People in rural areas of Nepal need to learn how to get help from the internet. 

Many people in Nepal use the internet only to communicate with people living in distant places. Online shopping is yet to be discovered by them. They must learn that they can buy goods and services online. In this scenario, online businesses need help utilizing their marketing campaigns fully. 

Educating and teaching people how to utilize the internet to buy goods and services is necessary. Launching different kinds of educational programs at the local level in rural areas is important.

● Limited local content: 

There needs to be more high-quality Nepali content available online. Businesses need help to deliver their message to the local audience who use the Nepali language. 

Businesses can hire people who can create high quality engaging Nepali content. Write the best copywriting in Nepali that would deliver the message to people. They can also conduct local research to create content. 

● Limited reach on the internet: 

Although the number of internet users is increasing rapidly in Nepal, a large portion of the population of Nepal still needs to be made aware of internet use.

According to Datareportal, internet penetration in Nepal is 51.6 percent as of the beginning of 2023. Due to this, businesses need help to reach those people through the internet meaningfully. 

The business should be able to use other digital mediums, such as radio or TV, to launch its marketing campaign.  


The digital marketing industry in Nepal has many challenges. But it can be dealt with easily if the company handles it wisely using the available resources properly. If you want to promote your business digitally and need a reliable digital marketing company, you are welcome to contact us. 

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