Challenges in Digital Marketing in Nepal

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September 29, 2020


If we are not challenged then we are not going to change and this holds very true when we talk about Digital Marketing Agencies in Nepal. Nepal is recently in the merge of digitalization and every other day a digital marketing agency rises and then dies.

Digital marketing is definitely not an easy job and one have to come across many different challenges because of lack of proper direction and guidance to looked up to.

At the same time competition is also rising in the marketing industry so, most of the people step back thinking about it in a pessimistic way. So, we have cubed some challenges that Marketing agencies of Nepal faces.

1. Lack of Talent:

Most of people in Nepal are accidently in the digital marketing agency and don’t pour their heart into it. They are not updating themselves with the trend and are following the same things which they learnt years ago.

On one hand as seen according to the statistics most of the team members are fresher and it is becoming hard for molding themselves to become good digital marketer.

While on the other hand those candidates who have the experience find solace in their client side so talent has become one of the biggest problems.


2. Payment by the client:

The fuel for the happiness of agency is the client’s payment. But in most of the cases the agency doesn’t sign contract with the client before offering services and don’t ask for the payment in time.

So, what most of the clients does is they take more than a year for six-month credit period just for paying 20%-30% of the retainer’s fee. Even though they are getting the quality service which is much more their payment.


3. Digital landscape change:

The main demand for the changing digital landscape of Nepal contains strategy and creativity. But even though the agencies of Nepal put in the creativity but they fail with the strategy which defines the ROI of the effort.

The digital landscape of Nepal keeps changing so the client’s needs to be educated about of it because most of them don’t understand the importance of advertisement in the digital platform.

Many of the clients think that getting like, comment and good review is more like a magic that marketing agencies does.


4. Unrealistic clients expectations:

In Nepal, clients don’t have the proper knowledge about digital marketing and it is very common if the client demand things I want a viral video, if I am unable to see my advertisement then why am I spending money. In fact, there are times when the clients take the agency for granted and

they have to consistency ask for certain things. Because of these reasons satisfying the client becomes so difficult in Nepal. It is very important to educate our client.


5. Not allocating the budget wisely:

There are so many ways of doing marketing through various channel all doesn’t give the same return or carry the same cost. For e.g. hiring a celebrity as a brand ambassador is expensive but if a friend shares it on their social media then it costs nothing.

But in Nepal most of the digital marketing agency concentrate on only one way of marketing. One should assign the budget based on if it is for short term or long term and chose the format of marketing very carefully so that which low cost marketing gives them maximum ROI.

Digital marketing is more like mandatory for all type of business but its importance is even more important for smaller business. So, we must resolve these challenges while designing our strategy for digital marketing to reach large audience and for ensuring better ROI.

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