Why the blog is important for your business?

Why the blog is important for our business?

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September 11, 2020


The blog is a marketing channel that is more like a fundamental and supportive component for digital marketing. 

It helps to increase the online visibility of your business. 

Business blogging can help in the engagement of more customers. It is also helpful in building topical authority for SEO

Some of the importance of blogging for your business is listed below. 

1.For driving traffic to your website. 

Who does not want to have more traffic on their website? 

 Each blog post adds an indexed page on your website.

 It helps to increase the opportunity to drive traffic and show you up in the organic search.

 Each of your business blogs can be discovered and shared on the social network, which exposes your business to clients you may not know. 

2.For converting traffic into lead. 

After the traffics comes to your website from your blog, you can convert them into leads. 

You can give detailed information about your product and services. You can trigger the pain points of the traffic, which is reading your blog.

Finally, convince them how your products and services could solve their problems. 

This opens the opportunity to convert traffic to lead.

3.For connecting people with your brand. 

You can convey your business message and brand through your blog.

 Due to this, the client can connect to your brand and see your business’s side. 

The standard of the business blog you write gives the client a lucid sense of your business character. 

You can communicate the business’s vision, corporate standard, and personality to your targeted audience. 

4.For Authority establishment. 

Through your business blog, you can answer some common questions targeting your customer. It is helpful for your client. 

This will create your authority in your client’s eyes and act as a handy tool for service and sales professionals. 

At times, you may help the individual to make purchase decisions. 

You can know your business status in the market. It will help you to evaluate your mistake and correct it. 

5.For long-term results. 

The best part about blogging is the post never dies on a particular view or leads. It will continue to grow.

Over time, you can update the content. 

You can keep getting traffic and leads from your business blog post. 

Though the blog is an essential component for any business’s content marketing strategy, most of Nepal’s company is unaware of this fact. 

They have been injecting budget on other sides and neglected blogs. 

Taking a blog parallelly with other marketing campaigns will help you bring more value to your business. 

 Posting blog posts at least twice a month is what we recommend. 

 Digital Marketing Nepal can help you strategize your campaign and write blogs that make sense for your business and the services you provide.

 Contact us and let us know how we can help you in your success journey. 


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